Podcast: Talking Culture Podcast

In today’s diverse, distributed, and often times, disconnected workplace, culture has become something we need to talk about. Being able to identify and discuss the traits that make up a thriving culture is a super power few possess, and we want to change that.

Welcome to Talking Culture where your host, Wade Billings, welcomes guests from around the world of work, and the globe, to discuss culture from various perspectives and points of view. It is our sincere goal to bring culture to the forefront of people’s discussions and discourse so that they may build vibrant, inclusive, and supportive cultures for their organizations and people.

  • Episode Five – Tobias Mende

    Episode Five – Tobias Mende

    Tobias is an experienced consultant, coach, and mentor for engineering leadership and developer experience with over a decade of experience. He was the driving force behind the Developer Experience Team at BRYTER, leading the successful transition to continuous deployments. He is dedicated to helping software companies build high-performing engineering organizations and teams, leveraging his expertise…

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  • Episode Four – Michael Chaoui

    Episode Four – Michael Chaoui

    Michael Chaoui is the Founder and CEO of Atlas One Security, an information security consultancy specializing in governance, risk, and compliance (GRC), with deep knowledge of building and sustaining customer trust programs. As Atlas One’s Principal Consultant, Michael’s experience has spanned across Big 4, FAANG, large multinational corporations, smaller public tech companies, and start-ups that…

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  • Episode Three – Detelina “Lina” Vassileva

    Episode Three – Detelina “Lina” Vassileva

    My guest is Detelina “Lina” Vasileva. Lina graduated with a degree in Psychology in 2008 and has worked in IT since 2006. To this day, Lina is on a mission to help people strike the right balance of technology, processes, and people to solve business problems. Her mission to create work conditions which allow people…

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  • Episode Two – Joao Ventura

    Episode Two – Joao Ventura

    Joao is a site reliability engineer from Portugal who has worked in many different environments. Joao’s career began in a Portuguese microelectronics company as a test engineer. He discovered that he was getting more of a kick from automating instruments than from the actual results, and decided to pursue a career in software development. Currently,…

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  • Episode One – Steve Dwire

    Episode One – Steve Dwire

    In more than twenty years of leading software engineering and IT teams running the gamut from startup to Fortune 500, Steve Dwire discovered that many technology leaders struggle as they advance. When they become managers, they think they’re getting a promotion and are surprised to learn they are switching careers. They expect a change of…

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